Church Security Training

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This past weekend TDA held an amazing training event for a local church. The presentation and training were presented by our TDA instructors Edwin Rodriguez, Bryan Malatesta, and Anna Queza.

Unfortunately, no place is 100% safe. Our community has been shaken up by the tragic shooting in a local church at White Settlement, TX. It is heartbreaking that even in our places of worship we are no longer safe. Staying vigilant and having a ready plan of action is the way to protect ourselves and our loved ones. That is why we take our mission at TDA very seriously. The training we provide could turn into a matter of life and death in a split second.

We have offered 5-hour training for a security team of a church on the north side of Fort Worth. We covered all the details they need to move forward and be prepared to act in case of an emergency: how to properly approach suspects, how to engage tactical body postures, how to perform takedowns and weapons deployment under pressure.

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