Home Safety

Home Safety Tips

Here at Texas Defense Academy we are always looking on how we can better serve the public and our students to be be safe and protect as much as possible. In today’s society it is getting crazy and scary to even step outside our homes. Our homes is our fortress of solitude where we can feel and secure. So let’s see how we can improve our homes to feel safe and secure! Below are a few safety tips that you use to improve your home security.


Security is about layers, that is, putting several measures in place to make your home and yourself a hard target. Most home break-ins occur between 10am-2pm and are crimes of opportunity. With that, let’s look at some easy tips that will help reduce that opportunity!

Easy Home Security Tips:

  • Lock gates and fences
  • Keep doors and windows locked
  • Exterior doors should be solid – not hollow or foam core
  • Put 3 ó inch deck screws in door plates and door hinges
  • Have a good deadbolt, the one that came with your home is likely weak
  • Keep shrubs below 3ft tall, so they don’t become a hiding spot
  • Use exterior motion detectors and yard lighting
  • Keep curtains closed so prying eyes cannot see what’s inside
  • Get “Beware of Dog” sign even if you don’t have a dog
  • Have an alarm system and USE IT when you leave home or go to bed
  • If you don’t have an alarm system you can still purchase the security sticks at Amazon
  • Secure attic access from garage (most people forget this one)


Let us show you how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe both in and outside your home.


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