Safety Tip #1 Funny but true!

How could the stickers on your car put you and your family in danger?

Situational Awarness: It is not uncommon to see a car with some sort of a sticker that communicates a certain message. It could be a political statement, a joke, an ad for a business or a name of some sort of organization a driver is a member of. This types of communication may be ok in terms of personal safety. However, the more personal information you keep private, the better, especially information about your family.

I am talking about stickers that represent your family – stick figures, zombies,¬†Star Wars¬†characters, etc. These stickers communicate a lot of information – a number of your immediate family members, their approximate age, their genders, sometimes even their hobbies and interests. Take a look at this image. It speaks tons about the potential danger you put yourself and your family, when your family attracts a predator’s attention.


Sometimes parents want to share with the world how proud they are of their gifted child who is an honor student in his or her school. While some people admire your child’s outstanding performance, a child molester learns where your child goes to school and what he or she excels at. You provide all the information needed to lure and kidnap your own child.


Our priority is to keep our families safe at all costs. So let’s be aware of all the personal information we share in public that could potentially endanger our families.


Texas Defense Academy