Street Survival Women’s Workshop

Earlier this month we recently held our second quarter women’s self-defense seminar called Street Survival for Women. This workshop raised the standard from your basic and indoor self-defense to a much aggressive strategic personal protection and first outdoor training. Anna M. Queza (our lead female instructor) kicked off with the first section of the event with awareness the key to true personal protection. A small brief discussion of what to look for, what to do and what not do for about thirty minutes then for the rest of the time it was an outdoor training getting hands-on experience.

These women that you see here in these images began with the empowerment of open hand striking vs your traditional street punch. Then it was outdoor where they got really dirty and aggressive! The mindset of these women was brought in from the moment they walked in the door!
I will say this…they brought it!

You’ll see TDA’s Instructor Edwin Rodriguez getting his head smashed while they scapes or fight back! Unexpected takedown, hardcore slapping, elbowing and Shin Kick delivered by these empowered women. Confidence that you cannot find anywhere else.

Like to know more about our next Street Survival Women’s Seminar?

Date: Saturday July 13, 2019

Time 2pm to 4pm

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