TDA Kali Kids (Filipino Martial Arts FMA)

The Filipino Martial Arts is a practical self-defense and fitness program for children, taught alongside ethical, moral and character education along with skill development. It has been designed to effectively teach children to develop their physical and mental skills without generating any violence. This new way of training takes a different approach to personal protection, unlike the traditional and most common martial arts. The Kali kids program focuses on getting the develop real confidence and skills that you cannot get anywhere else. During the course of the child’s training, they will develop effective skills that can use when confronted in a real situation.


  • Anti-bully Prevention – Practical real self-defense through the Filipino Martial Arts. Your child will learn how not to be in a bad situation when a confrontation was to occur.
  • Maneuverability – As mention, your child will gain skills that they cannot get anywhere else. The Kali Kids will properly teach your child to move and protect themselves effectively.
  • Hand & Eye Coordination – The program will increase their mobility to function in any stressful situations.
  • Safe & Effective Training – Focuses on safety for all practitioners. Students’ safety is our first priority during each training session. Kali is not just an art but effective self-defense which presents practical applications for today’s real-world problems.
  • Anyone Can Do It – Even though it may look complicated and overwhelming at first, it is simple and effective from their very first day. The program is designed for anyone who is willing to learn. Kali is a fit for all ages. This program applies to all men, women, and children giving them the best results.
  • Improve Health & Fitness – Kali is also a fitness program for your entire body which promotes health improvement and fitness to every child.


  • Wednesdays 5-5:45pm
  • Ages 8 and up
  • Blue Jeans
  • Tennis shoes
  • Plain black shirt (If possible)

Like to know about our Kali Kids program?

Give us a call or text to 682-558-7791 and speak to a live instructor.