Terry Whiddon

Terry Whiddon: Terry is the B3 lead instructor and one of the 4 founders of TDA. He held a rank of Brown level in Keysi Fighting Method (KFM).

Coach Terry Whiddon holds a black belt in B3 – which is a system that was born out of the now defunct KFM (Keysi Fighting Method) and  other influences. While he was studying KFM, Coach Terry traveled to Spain and trained with the founders, earning the title of urban weapons instructor,  one of only a few in the USA to earn it.

While Coach Terry only holds one black belt, he has been blessed to be able to train with several of his friends who hold various black belts in a variety of other arts. Coach is an expert in seeing what others do not see by unlocking the brain and unshackling the thinking process to feel the motion which is the pathway which leads to the truth which has led to his mantra that , ‘the only one real truth in martial arts is motion’.

This has become his personal goal for all of his students, teaching in such a way students can gain “ maximum results with minimal effort”.

Coach Terry teaches and lives a life that is guided and shaped by an over all principle of “ modification brings gratification”, which recognizes that most things don’t go as planned and transitioning, ie, modifying the skill or technique in the moment brings the utmost result, thus gratification.

Coach Terry is able to guide and teach and direct students to find how it all fits and can work for them without loosing the truth, power or effectiveness of motion. Coach is truly a breath of fresh air in the martial arts world putting what works best for each student ahead of his ego.