Crossfit Workshop


Last month TDA had an opportunity to host a Women’s Self Defense Workshop at a local gym in The Fort Worth, TX Crossfit Panther City. Our team of instructors demonstrated the wholesale jerseys top professionalism in self-defense training. Members of CFPC had great time learning, training, and preparing for the most dangerous situations.

One of the first things that our instructors taught was the lines of defense. Awareness primary line of defense means being aware of who or what is автозапуском around you. Second line of defense is movement. We trained the participants to respond to any threat at any given time. Each of our instructors worked with every wholesale mlb jerseys person and helped them adjust the body mechanics that best fits cheap jerseys them. TDA instructors are always adaptable to help each student improve their cheap jerseys China body mechanics of self-defense.
Below you will see some of the images that were taken at CFPC and a small video of world! the women training self-defense with our instructors.

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