Five Reasons To Train Our Weapons Program (PTK)


Among many martial arts, there is out there Pekiti Tirsia Kali (PTK for short) a Filipino martial art that is becoming each day addiction to training. What may seem like just hitting sticks it goes beyond that! The PTK system is not just a martial art that you do day-to-day but it is a proven art and current used by the Philippines Marines and now by our US Armed Forces, however, the list goes on. There some other types of Kali that will teach the practitioner to stay in a certain spot and learn to feed each other’s energy using the stick but with PTK-SMF is far beyond that! With the guidance of Tuhon Tim Waid you learn not just the static training but you gain the advantage to be effective in each training from your first day.
We are able to teach and train the average person with no experience with a few months of training compare to most martial arts that require years of dedication just to be proficient.

Benefits of PTK

  1. Visibility Increase PTK-SMF system teaches you the proper timing to recognized oncoming attacks from any angle that you can think of. PTK helps you expand your visual awareness of your opponent and environment and helps you prevent a potential threat.
  2. Hand & Eye Coordination The program teaches you to track your opponent’s weapon hand. It increases your mobility to function in any stressful situation.
  3. Safe & Effective Training PTK-SMF focuses on safety for all practitioners. Students’ safety is our first priority during each training session. PTK is not just an art but an effective self-defense combatives system that presents practical applications for today’s real-world problems.
  4. Anyone Can Do It Even though it may look complicated and overwhelming at first, it is simple and effective from your very first day. The program is designed for anyone who is willing to learn. With careful detailed instructions, anyone is able to gain this kind of self-defense protection. PTK-SMF is fit for all ages. This program applies to all men, women, and children giving them the best results.
  5. Improve Your Health and Cardiovascular Capacity Kali is also a fitness program for your entire body which promotes health improvement and weight loss. Our beliefs in the Pekiti Tirsia Kali system We Believe in Life, Not in Death We Believe in Health, Not in Sickness We Believe in Success, Not in Failure. 
Below is a video from one of our students in training learning to target the weapon hand of the opponent. You can clearly see if the other student was moving the hand would have ended up with a nice swollen bruised hand.