What is the best fight you could ever be in?


What is the best fight you could ever be in?

Would it be a one punch and you knock the person out?

Would it be a long drawn out epic battle, one for the ages and you pull out the victory in the end?

Would it be where multiple people jump you and you take them all out like Jack Reacher?

Great questions!

Well for me it is and has always been all the fights I never allowed myself to be drawn into. That’s right, the ones I was never a part of.

You ask “Hey Coach, I’m sure you have had your fare share of epic fights right?”  Well, yes I have but the best fight has been the no fight. The one that I didn’t get dragged into, or the one that I didn’t let my ego get me into.

Even in all the fights I won, the next day my body didn’t like me….. or I didn’t like me for the carnage I perpetrated on another human once I came out of fight mode.

So how do I not fight now? Did I grow up? Did I mature? Did my wife make me promise not to fight? No, none of those. Here is what I learned to keep me out of a fight:

  1. I learned control
  2. I learned awareness
  3. I learned to be vocal
  4. I learned to talk people down
  5. I learned that if I had to engage I made it fast and to the point to end it fast.

Number five is the last thing on my mind yet sometimes I know that I must enter to end it fast.

With all that being said, I will tell you that still, the no fight is the best fight.