Student Review Training at TDA


Student Review by Joseph Millar

If you are looking to start defensive training, you have found the place. There is no better school in DFW than TDA for the level of instruction and the training environment. One thing that drives many people away from starting their training is that they may feel intimidated, or they can’t find an instructor with the training methods that are right for them. You won’t feel like that here! Edwin knows how to tailor the training to the way that you learn best. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what your background is – there are people of all ages and walks of life who are always learning and making each other better. There are even versions of the classes for young kids.

I started training with Edwin specifically for PTK, but I took the DX classes (empty hands) and learned a lot of very valuable skills there as well. Edwin is very humble. He says he just passes on the knowledge, but he is an amazing instructor. He teaches you to get moving and how to be effective from the start. He is also very good at breaking down a drill in pieces that are easy to learn, and explains the significance and application behind it. Anna, the lead female instructor is also highly skilled and very good at teaching women how to be effective through her seminars. I have learned a lot from Anna as well. When you train with Edwin and Anna you train like you fight, but also in a safe manner. Edwin pushes everyone to be their best with the goal of them becoming as good or better than he is. He also makes sure the intensity is right so that you learn the mechanics and can apply them automatically outside of class with the same intensity.


Training with Edwin, Anna and the TDA family was the highlight of my time in Dallas. If I hadn’t moved for work, I’d still be making the trip from Dallas 3 days a week, every week! Even though I moved, I am continuing my training with an instructor that Edwin knows in my area. After my experience training with Edwin and Anna at TDA, there’s no way I couldn’t be dedicated to training for life.


  • Joe Millar