Karissa J.

IMG_5938I’ve been going to TDA for almost a year now and it’s been great! I had always wanted to join a self defense class but have always struggled to find a place that cared about people as individuals or charged an arm and a leg. Edwin was on the phone with me for almost an hour talking with me about what the classes were about and that helped me feel really comfortable showing up to class that first day. Originally I had just planned on taking their B3 course but Edwin and Bryan (the wrestling instructor) encouraged me to stay for the CSW class (for free) to see if it would be something I was interested in. I stayed and ended up signing up for two classes instead of one. Both instructors are very knowledgeable and understanding to each students individual needs. Nobody there was trying to prove how skilled they were and show off to the new people, none of it was overwhelming, which was one of my concerns as a female student. I’m approaching my first year mark as a student and I’m counting on reaching my second, third, etc years.I literally drive 100 miles round trip to attend class at Texas Defense Academy!

Karrisa J.