Carral S.

12573194_833325293480674_6305919487142753003_nI came to TDA and the 1st PTK-SMF class as a guy in his mid-40’s, with no prior martial arts experience, and left-handed, (PTK-SMF works both side/hands, though it’s primarily taught right-handed). Edwin and Michael do a phenomenal job of instructing this very technical and devastatingly effective combat martial art. There are no inflated egos so questions are welcomed and they unpack every move and explain “the why” which cements the lesson and positions you for success.

This approach to training reflects the overall culture at TDA that also translates to the other students. There’s such camaraderie among us fellow students who are happy to help each other keep our forms and technique clean and intense!

If you’ve done any research into martial arts you’ve heard about how “practical” one martial art is versus the other. PTK-SMF is official martial arts combat system of the Philippine Marine Corps and is used on the battlefield today! So I would advise anyone looking to learn a proven combat system to come check out a class!

Carl S.