Nikki M.

10306636_867139163432620_1296907262066198922_nYou won’t find a school where the instructors are more knowledgeable or care more about each student. They make the information understandable and fun, and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure each person is best able to defend themselves. I’ve been attending Ballistic 3 and CSW for about 8 months and I have learned an extraordinary amount and feel a thousand times more capable of defending myself in a wide variety of situations. The classes do not merely consist of your run-of-the-mill self defense tactics such as pepper spraying, kicking in the groin, and stabbing eyes; rather, they equip you to actually be able to FIGHT and be constantly moving to increase your chance of survival. Any situation imaginable–including ground fights, use of weapons, attacks from all angles and multiple opponents, attacks whlie seated or in a car, on varying terrains, from opponents of all sizes–is covered and the instructors do a great job of including the techniques YOU want to cover. And besides being informative, the classes are a great workout and just plain fun.

I traveled to Africa recently and the instructors dedicated an entire class to going over anything I needed to know to be able to defend myself overseas. This included equipping me with a small flashlight that I could use in multiple ways as a weapon, as well as ensuring I knew how to use it well before I left. They also let me choose the techniques to work on during the class so I could feel as confident and ready as possible. This is just one example of how the instructors go above and beyond, because they truly care!

I would highly recommend this school for ANYONE, from someone just wanting to feel safe in any environment to those wanting to learn and practice combat wrestling or weapon skills.