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Give your child the verbal & physical skills they need to defend themselves.


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Self Defense & Combatives

B3 Reality Based Self Defense training for you and the whole family. Explore a journey and discover what you can do!

Combat Submission Wrestling

CSW by Erik Paulson Improve your ground grappling skills beyond the mat or the ring but also for the streets.

Pekiti Tirsia Kali

Filipino Martial Arts a reality weapon based program that show how to properly strike, maneuver, and escape.

TDA Kids

Give your child the skills & the ability to defend for themselves. Self-confidence, self-discipline, Self-respect

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Edwin and ALL the people at TX Defense Academy welcome you with open arms. I have never felt more at home and comfortable to try something I've never tried before. If my financial situation was different I would get the monthly membership, but until then I will keep coming to their pay as you go events. This academy is teaching everybody of different sizes how to get out of dangerous real life situations!!! Love this place!!! Tiffanie T.
I first started training at Texas Defense Academy when I was between second and third grades. Before coming to the academy, the only thing that held my attention was Minecraft and my other computer games, so my dad wanted us to join a tactical defense academy together. I am now going to fourth grade, and I am so happy to be a part of this awesome group. The instructors at TDA take the time to teach everyone, even the younger members. We all do the same drills, no matter what age we are. We go hard and are accountable to each other. Each day I learn new and better ways to protect myself in case I encounter bullies or people who want to hurt me or my family. Also, the classes are teaching me to be more confident, to be aware of my surroundings, and to respect other people.Jaxon Tart
I found Texas Defense Academy after looking for some local self defense classes - and I absolutely found what I was looking for. This isn't martial arts or wrestling. It's useful and practical self defense concepts and techniques. The classes answer the questions, "How do you help prevent an aggressive situation and if you find yourself in the middle of one, how do you help make sure you get away intact and alive?" And although it becomes clear that mastering self defense doesn't happen in a week, right away you start learning useful tips you can take with you. The attitude in the classes is professional, respectful and welcoming. Generally there are several instructors which helps make sure your questions are answered and you benefit from one on one training. Everyone comes as they are and is welcomed as they are. The only reason I'm stopping my training is because I'm leaving the states, otherwise I would absolutely continue, and at least hope that this testimonial helps the company's growth so that others can benefit from their expertise. Michelle Davis

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Outdoor Training

Ballistic 3 Outdoor Training Some outdoor training images from Tuesday night and having fun! B3 self-defense class.  [...]

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Crossfit Workshop

Last month TDA had an opportunity to host a Women’s Self Defense Workshop at a local gym in Fort Worth, TX Crossfit Panther City. Our team of instructors demonstrated the top professionalism in [...]

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The Team

TDA leading Instructors

Program director of Texas Defense Academy and Public Relations. B3 and PTK-SMF Lead Instructor

Edwin Rodriguez

TDA B3/PTK Instructor

Program director of Texas Defense Academy and Public Relations. B3 and CSW Lead Instructor

Bryan Malatesta

TDA B3/CSW Instructor

Program director of Texas Defense Academy and Public Relations. B3 and CSW Lead Instructor

Terry Whiddon

TDA B3/CSW Instructor

Program director of Texas Defense Academy and Public Relations. B3 and PTK-SMF Lead Instructor

Michael Current

TDA B3/PTK Instructor

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